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Jul 14th
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Home HAM Radio HF Antennas 160m Horizontal DeltaLoop

160m Horizontal Deltaloop

The main goal of this antenna is to be able to work EU-traffic on 160m. It measures 162m (~1Lamba), in the form of a equilateral horizontal  triangle. The height of this antenna is only 10 meters above the (wet) clay. Photo #1 below shows the AIM4170 up in the air while measuring this antenna's impedance. Please note the RF-choke in the UTP-cable. This UTP-cable, running both RS-232 and DC-voltage, should be RF-isolated from the antenna.

photo #1: the AIM-4170 up-in-the-air


photo #2: measuring impedance on-the-spot


photo #3: one of the three masts carrying the deltaloop. 6 meter irrigation tube with 4.5 meter surfmast mounted on top.


photo #4: Originally the antenna was resonant on 1.890Mc, so I had to lengthen it by some 3.5meters to shift Fres to 1.840Mc


Screenshot #1: frequency-sweep from 1.8-7.5Mc. Fres=1.843Mc, Zmag=47.233 Ohm. Note the harmonics of this ground-frequency.


Various screenshots made using 4NEC2 antenna-modelling software